Properties, homes and condos for sale in Gray Beach, FL, and the 30A area of NW FL

Cole Taylor

An involved Real Estate investor & Realtor, Cole has built, bought and sold many rental properties. His first hand experience with architects, contractors, and rental mangers provides a wealth of knowledge for our clients.

Cole grew up in Atlanta, Georgia and graduated from the Lovett School. After graduating from the University of Alabama with a business degree, Cole worked in commercial lighting sales in Atlanta, Georgia. He formed a lighting agency in 2001 and was CEO. Once he sold his business, Cole made the move to the beach in the Fall of 2011.

Cole was off to a running start when he began Grayton Coast Rentals in 2011 with his own rental properties in Grayton Beach. It has since grown and he manages over 20 properties along 30A including Watercolor, Watersound, Blue Mountain Beach, Seagrove and Seacrest.

Cole and wife Janet live in Grayton Beach. They have two daughters, Jessie, graduated from University of Alabama and is living in Nashville, TN and Colby who attends school in New York City.

You will find Cole in the late afternoons wakeboarding on the lake in Grayton, hanging on the beach or fishing in the Gulf aboard his boat “Mad Dog”.
Cole’s rental investment and management advice has proved invaluable to the Grayton Coast Team.